Our Board

Suzanne Ardagh board member of West Coast Fever

Suzanne Ardagh

Board Director

Suzanne brings more than 30 years of international management experience in higher education, corporate and professional services associations. With an extensive background in corporate governance, business development, strategic marketing, communications and international affairs, Suzanne will use her role to build on the Club’s position as a leader in elite women’s sport. As a Director, Suzanne has served on both international and national Boards in the health sector, education, international aid development and the Arts.

Kylie Chamberlain board member of West Coast Fever

Kylie Chamberlain

Non-Executive Director

A current Director of Herman Property Group, Kylie possesses an exceptional knowledge of the corporate and finance sectors, having also previously worked for ANZ, Macquarie and St George Bank’s. Netball also plays a prominent role in her life, as both a fan and former player of note, having been a member of the Perth Orioles team from 1997-98 and represented Western Australia in State open and underage teams throughout the nineties.

Fran Lawrence board member of West Coast Fever

Fran Lawrence

Board Director

Currently the Director of Corporate Affairs at Cannings Purple, Fran was a senior journalist and section editor at The West Australian for almost a decade, before moving into the communications sector in 2007, and joining Cannings Purple in 2015. Fran is a corporate communications specialist and strategic adviser with more than 20 years’ experience in the media and public relations industries.

Chris Massey board member of West Coast Fever

Chris Massey

Board Director

The current Director of Student Life at the University of Western Australia, Chris is a foundation Board member appointed in February in 2017. Prior to his role at UWA, Chris had more than 12 years experience in the Education Sector encompassing secondary teaching, physical education, and managing an educational self esteem program within Australia and Singapore. Chris has also had more than 5 years experience in the Health Sector, including two years at the Cancer Council of WA and three years as part of the WA Senior Executive team in Medicare Australia.