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Stacey Francis not only a star on the netball court

Posted 22 days ago.

Stacey Francis is not only a star on the netball court, but she’s also a keen cook and someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen.

But the dynamic Englishwoman admits creativity in the kitchen isn’t her strongest point, and that’s where Club Partner, Dinner Twist, came into Francis’ life.

Francis is a Dinner Twist customer and finds the process far more enjoyable than she once did.

“I love to cook,” Francis said.

“But last year, I think about midway through the season I just got a little bit fed up of my repetitive meals and wasn’t really getting enough variety.”

“Dinner Twist just made it really easy and simple for me to get the nutrients that I needed. The meals are really healthy, incredibly varied and it gets delivered to the Gold Netball Centre so it’s very convenient.”

Englishwoman Francis has become an honorary West Australian since she joined Fever in 2017 and also loves the fact Dinner Twist supports the local community.

“Everything is from WA,” Francis said.

“It’s locally sourced, the fish and the meat is fantastic and incredibly fresh.”

“They are also supporting other local businesses, which is really important. Perth is a really unique and isolated place and it’s a community that looks after its own and celebrates its own and that’s what I really enjoy.”

On top of all of that, Francis said she enjoyed Dinner Twist’s social and environmental conscience.

“I think Australia is probably catching up a little bit in terms of food recycling and recycling of plastics and cardboard and Dinner Twist is fantastic for that,” Francis said.

“They will pretty much take back everything that they give you but also what they do give you is minimal waste. Everything is recyclable and even the soft plastics you can put back into your container and they will take them away and recycle them for you.”

“But they also get involved in other initiatives as well like what they did with Share the Dignity. You could create a bag for a homeless woman with just toiletries and things you completely take for granted that they were then collecting and you could just put in your Dinner Twist box, they pick it up and then they take it off to the charity so they’re very socially and ethically conscious.”


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