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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Fever by pictures: Suncorp Super Netball 2018

West Coast Fever's go to Photographer Mia Mammoliti has captured the Club's record breaking season. She has shared her top pics from across the season.

"I love this photo of Vez, because it highlights the genuine happiness of the players when interacting with fans."

 "Jhaniele was a standout shooter asserting herself early in the season, and this photo depicts her dominance in the game."


"I was trying to get a different perspective here, and a more holistic view of the game. Looking back on this photo brings back the indescribable feeling of being on the ground of Perth Arena, surrounded by so many fans."

 "A major focus of my photography this season was the fans. These guys were enjoying the game, but this photo is their reaction when they saw my camera pointed at them. It’s great to see WANL men’s players support the national women’s team."


 "This photo of Vez depicts the amount of emotion in each game."

 "Seeing Jhaniele’s family so supportive of her, and fitting into the team so well emphasizes the close-knit club atmosphere."

 "Jhaniele’s dab entrance had the crowd going wild, and I was so excited to snap this!"

 "I love this photo because there is so much happening. It doesn’t just show someone passing or shooting."


 "The most iconic defensive duo in the Suncorp Super Netball"

 "I was stoked at the opportunity to take photos on the roof! This action shot highlights the intensity of the game, and the pressure Fever put on the Giants."

 "This shot I remember taking vividly, and I also remember the immense excitement from the girls was contagious."


 "Courtney knows how to work the crowd, she thrives on energy from the crowd."

"The emotion after the grand final says it all for this photo." 


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