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Let’s Be Frank: I’m Home!

Whilst I was away, whenever I spoke about returning to Perth I made continual reference to "going home." Many of my English friends and family were baffled by this, and initially, so was I. I kept ‘correcting’ myself and assuring people that “I just meant to say Perth”. However, when I landed and arrived back at the house I live in, walking into my room really did feel like home. The saying goes "home is where the heart is" and although my literal heart I obviously carry with me, my loves are spread across the other side of the world . What is really comforting though is that despite minor struggles last season with my perceived loneliness, I was very much looking forward to coming back!

Having been away from Perth since the end of June (!!!), I struggled to remember what my routine here was like. However, after years of being institutionalised I fell right back into step. I landed on Tuesday afternoon, was back in the gym twice on Wednesday, have returned to work and visited three separate coffee shops already (despite promising myself whilst I was away that I wouldn’t waste my money on clothes, eating out and coffee this year)… OKAY OKAY so I have also already been to two restaurants for dinner to catch up with friends. A woman has her vices! I am going to remain resolute on the first one though!!

Although my two blogs whilst I was away were to try and keep you informed of my international duties, throughout the last year I really tried to avoid writing too much about the netball at all. With that in mind, since I have been away from Perth, I have been fortunate to have indulged in one of my favourite hobbies… travel! Head over to my Instagram account (@StcyJyneFrancis), scroll back to June 27 and check out my travels in the off-season through New Zealand, Fiji and Turkey. Please excuse the minor blip during late August/early September of international duties 😊 although don’t worry, that certainly didn’t dampen my tourist tendencies!

It’s good to be back!
Frank x
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