Fastrack with Fever

If you’re aspiring to be the next West Coast Fever star, then there’s no better program in Western Australia to take your game to the next level than Fastrack with Fever. Conducted by West Coast Fever staff, including Head Coach Stacey Marinkovich, Fastrack with Fever gives you the ultimate insight into what it takes to be an elite netballer. Limited to just 20 participants, the program will highlight a number of key on court aspects, while also shining a light on the integral off court components.

Cost: $500

Age Group: 12 – 15 years old

SESSION 1: March 23 (12pm – 2pm): Introduction, State Netball Centre Tour, Fitness Testing, Court Session

SESSION 2: April 6 (12pm – 2pm): Nutrition and Hydration, Strength and Conditioning, Recovery

SESSION 3: April 15 (10am – 12pm): Goal Setting

SESSION 4: May 18 (5pm – 9pm): Game Day Experience (inc. ticket to a Fever game)

SESSION 5: June 9 (10am – 12pm): Individual analysis and state of the game

SESSION 6: July 12 (11am – 1pm): Leadership and Communication

SESSION 7: July 17 (11am – 1pm): Wellness

Please note this program is limited to just 20 participants.

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